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Henderson residents age 60+, join us June 25th from 2:30-4:00pm for an open discussion about healthy aging!

Several Henderson based organizations and city programs participate in Three Square's efforts to end hunger among older adults and increase health and well being!

Experience Zen

Inspired by nature, Zen Coffee Bar is a friendly gathering place to savor not only great coffee, but also tea, matcha, and craft drinks. Enjoy our elegant lounge to relax, meet friends, or hold a meeting or special event. Our goal was to create a comfortable space with nice ambiance to be your preferred place to go when you are not at work or home. The concept of zen will evoke feelings of calm, serenity and harmony.

Grab some Zen for the road
Everyone's welcome

Zen- A place of belonging in our wonderful community.

Open 7am-4pm Daily For Your Convenience

Coffee Culture Is Our Thing

We are passionate about our craft, and want to share our knowledge with you by bringing in experts from time to time to host informative classes about roasting and preparing coffee. Our informative blog will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest coffee creations. We'll also hold special events such as chocolate pairings with our craft drinks and specialty tea.

The Space

Welcome to Zen Coffee Bar, a place where all beverages can coexist in harmony. Enjoy expertly-crafted beverages and wonderful conversation in a tranquil space, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Relax before or after your workday, laugh with friends, or hold a meeting in our friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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